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SQL Inserter
Winform Application written in C# using Visual Studio 2008. Generates SQL Insert scripts from existing Database. Can handle SQL2000 - 2008.

Supports datatype binary and geography.

You need to have SQL Server 2008 SDK installed.
I use it a lot for generating data for unittests and for transfering data between servers.

Connect to a server, choose tables to generate data from and let the Sql Inserter generate Scripts in the form "Insert Into table (col1,col2) values('val1','val2'). Choose "order by dependency" if your data needs to be scripted in a way that no constraints are violated.


Now added support for comparing structure of tables.
Connect to first Database by using "Connect" in menubar. Click on "Compare" in menubar to connect to second database.
Click on "Compare" in Form. A list is shown that marks tables that doesnt exist in both databases or that differ.
Click on a table that differs to see details.


Last changes are in sourcecode. The Setup is older.

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